Crypto.Direct is a news magazine about Bitcoin and alternative crypto-currencies, or “Altcoins”.

Following the success of Bitcoin, hundreds of these electronic currencies, based on similar principles, have appeared on the Net. Some of them are useless, some of them are scams, but a lot of them are truly innovative and could even be game-changing in the evolution of the financial system and the future of the Internet.

As close observers (and lovers) of the Net, we haven’t seen so much positive energy aiming in the same direction for a long time (think 1998). With so many vibrant communities, so many talents, so many ideas and so much innovation, we strongly believe that crypto-coins can foster changes and transformations at an unprecedented level.

A problem is that, so far, most people interested by Altcoins tend to see them as mere tools to get short term profits. People would mine any coin and just dump it as soon as its value increase. These people don’t really believe in the future of crypto-currencies. They don’t really care about the interfaces, ergonomics or usability of Altcoins. They just want to be sure that, at the end of the day, they will make some profit out of them.

We think that’s a shame. We believe that Bitcoin and Altcoins are supposed to be used, not mined and dumped. We want everybody – not just a bunch a geeks – to use crypto-currencies. And we’d like the normal people to understand the benefits of these currencies, for their daily and usual needs, like sending money to other people, paying bills or buying a hamburger.

But following what is happening in the crypto-world is not easy. Neither is getting the big picture on Altcoins. News are disseminated in global forums, dedicated forums, blogs, IRC chats and Twitter feeds, among others. And most people tend to follow the news for their favorite coins, forgetting about the others and therefore lacking the possibility to discover new ones.

Sure, there are some Web magazines devoted to the subject. Some of them are amazingly good, providing insightful and quality content. But they are already going too deep inside the subject for the average Joe. These magazines will cover mining, highly technical issues, and complex financial mechanisms. There is no way someone who has just discovered crypto-currencies and trying to understand how to use them can find his/her way in this torrent of information.

The (ambitious) goal of Crypto.Direct is to provide simple, factual, relevant and useful information about the development and evolution of the crypto-currencies that can be used by everybody. We will not talk much about mining here, but will focus on usage. We will not cover any Altcoin, but will focus on the ones making real effort to be accepted by merchants and used on a daily basis. We intend to make this website a central rendez-vous point for all people who consider that Altcoins will change the world, and want to stay up to date about them.

You can read our FAQ, or contact us via the black button that appears at the bottom-right on every page, or here.

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