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Darkcoin officially rebrands to Dash

After a few weeks of discussion and a public logo contest, Darkcoin has officially become “Dash”, from today on. The idea of this rebranding is to make the altcoin more accessible to end users, with a less “underground image,” and a name referring to “Digital Cash.”


A new official website has yet to be announced, but the main forum devoted to Darkcoin/Dash is now DashTalk. The name change has initiated some bitter talks on possible conflicts between Dash and Dashcoin, an existing, cryptonote-based altcoin, launched last summer.

The price of the coin has strongly increased in the past days, Darkcoin/Dash now being listed as the 4th strongest crypto-currency on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalization close to $27 million.


Darkcoin could be rebranded to aim at mainstream adoption

Darkcoin core developer Evan Duffield believes that Darkcoin should go through a “rebranding” to increase its reach. In a post published today on DarkcoinTalk, Duffield noted that the name Darkcoin “doesn’t reflect the true essence of the project anymore,”  and “is going to need a friendly branding that’s compatible with mass adoption.”  He also announced that “Dash” could be a possible alternative.

A long discussion followed the announcement in the forum, with many members regretting the potential loss of the cultural identity of the Altcoin, and others agreeing on the fact that the “dark” name evokes underground or illegal activities that could refrain standard users from using the coin.

Duffield insisted that the original idea behind Darkcoin was “to compete against Bitcoin” and “to solve some of its issues.” According to him, a new architecture, “supporting billions of transactions per day” is possible for Dash/Darkcoin, along with “a blockchain much more anonymous than Bitcoin’s, a very low blockchain bloat, and some very, very low transactions fees allowing the micro-payment revolution to begin.”

As of today, Darkcoin (DRK) ranks 5th on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalization of $18.7M.


Darkcoin developer receives “Proof of Honor” award

After a public voting organized by online magazine Coins Source, with the goal to “seek, select and honor the most dedicated people” in the crypto-world, Evan Duffield, creator and lead developer of Darkcoin, has been awarded the 2014 “Proof of Honor”. Mohammed Roshan, developer of Saffroncoin, was second on the final results of the voting.

In an interview after receiving the award, Duffield explained that, among the things that can be done with crypto-currencies are: “A decentralized Internet built on top of crypto, completely private and peer-to-peer; A lower cost stock market, bond market, Forex market; Perfect digital cash built on top of the Internet, done in a completely peer-to-peer fashion, powering a new censor-resistant economy.”

“In the longer term, I believe we’ll see a large shift of centralized low-privacy applications to decentralized high-privacy censor-resistant applications. Our generation is sick of being spied on by governments and companies, but really there’s been no alternative until now.”, he added.