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PotWallet adds functionalities and installs its first point-of-sale

PotLabs, an independent group dedicated to developing services around PotCoin and increasing the adoption of the alternative currency, has released new features to PotWallet, an online service targeting merchants and consumers.

The wallet’s security has been strengthened, with a 3rd factor authentication, while the merchant payment process has been updated to 3 simple steps. Most notably, the service now embeds LocalPot, acting as a peer-to-peer exchange and allowing users to buy potcoins directly from each other, from inside the wallet.

The team also announced the installation of its first “PotWallet Point Of Sale system”, with full Potcoin integration, in a physical e-cigarettes and e-liquids shop located in Montreal, Quebec.

PotCoin, which celebrated its first anniversary last week, is one of the main crypto-currencies targeting the legal marijuana market and community.


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