Messaging app Telegram introduces Bitcoin to all its users

Telegram, a growing instant messaging solution, has introduced Telebit, an integrated Bitcoin wallet.

All users now have the possibility to easily send small amounts in bitcoins to each other. The social tipping function uses a tipbot working like similar available solutions: inside the app, users just need to type a username followed by any amount, and the corresponding amount is instantly transferred to the chosen recipient. Bitcoin addresses are created on the fly, and received bitcoins can be later transferred to any other Bitcoin wallet.

The move is important, as Telegram claims to have 50 million users, who can now use Bitcoin without even knowing what is a crypto-currency, or how to set up a Bitcoin wallet. Telegram is available on iOS and Android, as well as in a desktop version, on PC/Mac/Linux.

Still being tested, the Telebit launch comes with a promotion: every new user registering is automatically credited with 50,000 satoshis.