New public study shows Bitcoin still has bad image

Coin Center, a non-profit research and advocacy center focused on crypto-currencies, has revealed today the first results of its ongoing “Bitcoin Public Sentiment Survey”. The study, conducted via Google Consumer Surveys (an online tool and publisher network where internauts can choose to answer surveys rather than subscribe to a publication), intends “to measure the attitudes of the American public toward Bitcoin in an unbiased and objective way.”

The results show a vast ignorance on what is Bitcoin: “Around 65% of respondents were not familiar at all with it. Of those respondents who are familiar with Bitcoin, consistently over 80% have never actually used it.”

And a large part of people still think that Bitcoin is somewhat related to criminal activities: when asked “Is Bitcoin used primarily for crime, fraud, and extortion, or is it primarily used for legal transfers and investing?”, about 42% of respondents tend to choose the first answer. 13% of people even think that the government should purely and simply “ban Bitcoin.”

“What we see is a large gap in public understanding of Bitcoin,” concluded Peter Van Valkenburgh, Coin center Director of Research, “this profound lack of familiarity is particularly alarming.”