Darkcoin developer receives “Proof of Honor” award

After a public voting organized by online magazine Coins Source, with the goal to “seek, select and honor the most dedicated people” in the crypto-world, Evan Duffield, creator and lead developer of Darkcoin, has been awarded the 2014 “Proof of Honor”. Mohammed Roshan, developer of Saffroncoin, was second on the final results of the voting.

In an interview after receiving the award, Duffield explained that, among the things that can be done with crypto-currencies are: “A decentralized Internet built on top of crypto, completely private and peer-to-peer; A lower cost stock market, bond market, Forex market; Perfect digital cash built on top of the Internet, done in a completely peer-to-peer fashion, powering a new censor-resistant economy.”

“In the longer term, I believe we’ll see a large shift of centralized low-privacy applications to decentralized high-privacy censor-resistant applications. Our generation is sick of being spied on by governments and companies, but really there’s been no alternative until now.”, he added.


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