NeuCoin sets a record with 100 million coins sold in 3 days

NeuCoin, a forthcoming altcoin, has achieved a new milestone by convincing buyers to acquire all the coins available during its first public crowdsale.

A bit more than 100 million neucoins have been bought by more than 1,000 people, at a starting price of 25,000 tokens per Bitcoin, for a total of 3,637 BTC, or about $850,000 as of today.

The presale, which lasted only three days, sets a new record in the crypto-currency world and is another clear success for the team behind NeuCoin, after closing an initial $2.25 million round from private investors earlier this year.

The proof-of-stake coin should officially be launched in July 2015, with a focus on micropayment solutions and the creation of different services, such as, an easy-to-use online wallet,, a consumer on-boarding website, as well as a cloud mining service.


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