Paybase launched

Gaw, creator of Paycoin (XPY), has just opened its Paybase service (in beta). Paybase is an online wallet with uncommon integrated functions. Through the service, users are able to buy paycoins with bitcoins (with the option to auto-convert in XPY any bitcoins sent to a specific BTC address), to sell paycoins for bitcoins, or to send paycoins to anyone with an email address. Merchants integration is also on the roadmap, allowing users to purchase goods directly from Paybase. The company has stated that Amazon purchasing should be proposed soon, but awaits “the final verdict” on legal options.

The launch of Paybase is a key step for Paycoin, a much-talked-about Altcoin which has spurred a vigorous debate in the crypto-community. Some see it as a scam, others as a potential Bitcoin replacement. A couple of weeks after its launch, and some heavy trading on major exchanges, Paycoin is listed 3rd on CoinMarketCap today, with a market capitalization of about $150 million (1 XPY valued around $12).


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