Paycoin relaunched

The highly controversial crypto-currency Paycoin is in the process of being relaunched.

Gaw, the company who created the coin that many saw as a scam, has announced that all Paycoin assets will be handled from now on by the PayCoin Foundation, a community driven not-for-profit. “The PayCoin Foundation will take over the management of the PayCoin brand, coin development, and the management of the PayCoin Prime Controllers, under the umbrella of its pending non-profit status,” states the press release. The website has been revamped to become an online wallet.

Additionally, Gaw announced an alliance with XPY Technologies, “to create an advanced online PayCoin wallet service,” that should be launched “soon” and offer “the features that holders of PayCoin have been expecting, such as gift cards, premier accounts, debit cards, and others.”

Paycoin, although still ranking 10th on CoinMarketCap, has lost most of its value in the past weeks and is now traded at 0.80$ for 1 XPY.


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