ZiftrCoin officially launched

A few weeks after being successfully crowdfunded, Ziftr’s crypto-currency has now been officially launched.

Targeting e-commerce and aiming at a fast global adoption by non tech-savvy users, Ziftrcoin comes with a “$1 Minimum Redemption Value,” meaning that, when spent in Ziftr’s merchant network, each coin will be worth $1. The company behind the coin, Ziftr, announced it will give away 300 million ziftrcoins to the first 8 million users in 2015.

On the technical side, ZiftrCoin is a Proof-Of-Work currency using a specific “Proof of Knowledge” principle, where the miner may optionally prove knowledge of transaction data while mining to get a slightly higher reward (5%). For now, through a simple, one-click procedure, the coin can be CPU-mined with a standard computer, directly from the wallet. Wallets are available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android, with an iOS version coming soon.

ZiftrCoin should be listed soon on two exchanges, Cryptsy and Melotic.


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