Ziftrcoin raises $880,000 to boost cryptocurrency-based eCommerce

The crowdsale of Ziftrcoin has ended, with a total of 4,141,444 ziftrcoins sold (an estimated $878,695 value). Created by MyVBO, a US-based e-commerce solutions provider operating the Ziftr brand, Ziftrcoin aims to  “revolutionize shopping by putting cryptocurrency into the hands of consumers and enabling them to conduct simple, secure transactions at their favorite retailers.”

Strongly focused on mainstream global adoption by consumers and merchants, the company announced it will give away 300 million ziftrcoins in 2015. The first 1 million users will get 100 each and “when spent within Ziftr’s merchant network, each ziftrcoin will have a minimum redemption value of $1.”

The project roadmap includes ZiftrPay (“an API that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency and credit cards without having to view or store the customer’s credit card information”), ZiftrShop (a worldwide online marketplace built upon the existing Ziftr merchants base), and ZiftrWallet, a mobile multicoin digital wallet.

The wallet, already available in beta version (on invitation) for Android, should allow users to store all their coins and currently works with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.


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