Who are you?

We are a group of individuals sharing the same interest for crypto-currencies and the future of the Internet. We believe that Bitcoin, Blockchain and Altcoins are disruptive technologies that will lead to major transformations, (hopefully) empowering citizens and internauts.


Are you coins developers or are you involved in some crypto-companies?

No, we are not. We are occasional miners, but we have other jobs and activities, with no direct connection to the crypto-world. To make it clear: we don’t work for any exchange, cloud mining company, ASIC builder or any other institution active on the Bitcoin/Altcoin market.

The original concept of Crypto.direct was imagined by Cyril Fievet, a French journalist and Web pioneer, author of “Comprendre Bitcoin et les crypto-monnaies alternatives“, a beginner’s guide to Bitcoin and Altcoins (ebook).


Why is my favorite coin not treated here?

We are already covering news for several dozens of Altcoins, and more are added every month. We are doing our best to give a large (and fair) view of the crypto-world, but our intention is not to treat thousands of Altcoins. We prefer to focus on the ones that, in our humble opinion, have a real future.

Speaking of which, we don’t see Altcoins as a mean for a few geeks to get rich quickly. We think that Altcoins and Bitcoin are made to be used – not just mined. We believe that global acceptance of crypto-currencies is the key to their success. That’s why we will always prefer to speak about Altcoins showing some real efforts to get known and understood by the average Joe, than about “pump-me-fast-and-die” Altcoins.

This being said, feel free to let us know about your favorite Altcoins if you think they deserve to be featured on Crypto.direct. We will certainly have a look.


I’m a coin developer, can I contact you about my project?

With pleasure! We will probably not be a big help on the technical side of your project, but if we think your coin has some potential, we will be glad to let people know about it.

Please understand that we are not an “Announcement forum” though. There are better places to announce new coins and set up a community to develop it. We will not relay every launch or every ICO.


Can I subscribe or get notified when you post new content?

Sure. Crypto.direct offers three ways to do that:

  • Email: you can receive all the news we publish for free, at the rhythm you choose, with our Newsletters.
  • RSS: you can subscribe to our global RSS Feed. And each news category has its own RSS feed, so you can easily subscribe to the feeds of your favorite coins.
  • Twitter: our Twitter Feed (@cryptodotdirect) includes all our news.


Can you give me advices on the crypto-currencies I should invest in?

No, we cannot. Well, we could (maybe), but we don’t want to. Read the news, follow the links in them, and make your own opinion. And don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.


Do you accept donations?

Yes, we do!

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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

We don’t know and, honestly, we don’t care. Neither should you.