Alexandria, a distributed library, to launch in beta

Alexandria, created by Blocktech, intends to become a distributed library for sharing and preserving art, history and culture.

“What Bitcoin does for money, Alexandria aims to do for content publishing and distribution by removing central points of failure and creating incentives for users around the world to contribute to it,” explained the developers, adding that anyone will be able “to self-publish anything, including videos, music, books, 3D printable, recipes, and more, with a complete control over how their work is published and monetized.”


The project will take advantage of several distributed technologies, including BitTorrent and blockchains. As of today, the developers have chosen Florincoin, an existing Altcoin characterised by fast transactions and the ability to include messages in transactions, as the main token used within the library. “In order to share content or send tips for media you’ve enjoyed, you’ll need a Florincoin-QT wallet running in the background,” said the team, “but later releases will include a simple exchange process so that you can start from other popular cryptos.”

Alexandria will launch in beta very soon, with apps for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.