iNation to allow the storage of any legal documents with blockchain-based service

Founded this month, iNation claims to be “one of the world’s first secure, distributed, and cryptographically verifiable store of legal documents.” 

The company has started to raise capital to build its platform, through AngelList, and has presented a few designs giving a hint on its intent. The screen captures show the possibility for any user to store official documents such as contract marriages, birth certificates or diplomas, with a blockchain-based validation and identification.

ination_02   ination_01

In addition, the company will be building a mobile application which includes “a mobile messaging application with end-to-end encryption and anonymity”“You will be able to send encrypted texts in a trustless environment over the blockchain via iNation’s mobile application.”

iNation has been co-founded by David Mondrus and Nathan Wosnack. Mondrus, whose wedding was stamped in the Bitcoin blockchain last October, is also a co-founder of the Bitcoin Association and a former advisor to BitNation. iNation is in direct competition with BitNation, a similar service announced last year, and Mondrus publicly slammed BitNation a few months ago.

(images © iNation, via @inationio)

(edited on 2/26 to add Nathan Wosnack, iNation’s CCO, as co-founder)


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