Vote for a global crypto-currency logo

Started last October, Brand Me Crypto is an international and public competition with the goal to create a new brand, representative of all crypto-currencies.

With more than 650 Altcoins available, each of them having its own name and logo, “it’s impossible today to give crypto-currency the overarching identity it requires,” explained the official website. All designers were therefore invited to submit their creations for a logo that could represent the very concept of crypto-currency.


After a first round of selections, six logos (above) have been chosen, coming from designers in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada and the Netherlands. Public votes are open and the final brand, able to convey a global and positive image of the crypto-world, will be selected on March, 31.


One thought on “Vote for a global crypto-currency logo

  1. Wigald says:

    manipulated contest with just amateurish finalists.

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