Mercury, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, available for alpha review

Mercury intends to become a new (and revolutionary) kind of crypto-currencies exchange, where all transactions happen in a trustless environment: all trades happen entirely on blockchains, with no central server involved in the storage of funds and no risk.

The service is used through a desktop wallet (available for Linux, Mac OS and Windows) and will allow trading in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, with more Altcoins coming soon, including Ethereum, Nubits and coloured coins.

Launched in alpha version for testing purpose only, the decentralized exchange is in the process of being “professionally audited,” said lead developer Mappum. He added that “the transaction malleability vulnerability is an issue, but the cost of pulling off the attack is high enough that this early version of Mercury is OK as a proof-of-concept. The attack wouldn’t be profitable unless people were making some really high-volume trades.”


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